Stuck Between a Push Mower vs Riding Mower? Let Us Help

The choice between buying a push mower vs a riding mower is not easy. Clearly there’s a cost difference, but what really dictates the decision is circumstances and the area which you wish to mow. You’ve probably searched the web for zero turn mower reviews and most likely short listed some great potentials. But before you go and drop some serious money on one of these bad boys, lets take some moments to review what’s on the market and what’s best for you.
Let’s start with the obvious, a push mower is a hell of a lot more work and time than a ride on mower. However, you will definitely save a dime or two…

Sleeping in the Garden, Really?

An interesting piece was recently published in The Guardian talking about camping out in the garden. Although we laughed at the idea, after reading the article, it really got us thinking about how to set up our own garden camp site, equipped with a perfect recliner et all.
Why in the Garden?

Gardening in Small Spaces

Got a green thumb but do not have enough space for a garden? Most people think that it takes a huge amount of space for them to start gardening, something you might be worried of as well. The truth is, there are little spaces around your home where you can start gardening. Our friends over at recently covered how a propane smoker can be great for small spaces in the garden. Now it’s our turn to cover a few other areas.
The driveway is a good place to show off your green thumb. You can replace your driveway with concrete strips and leave space …

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