Why should you choose gardening as a hobby?

Why do people take on hobbies, especially in this fast-paced society? The answer is simple and clear. People need a break and hobbies provide them the chance to have fun and relax. The purpose of hobbies is primarily recreational. Hobbies are pit stops for our minds and souls. Some hobbies can be more than recreational as well. If you have enough time and knowledge on your hands, you can benefit from growing plants with a hobby like gardening. Home grown plants can be incorporated in your life in many ways. They can be edible and they can be used as decorations in your home or garden too. I am listing down several reasons made me take on gardening as a hobby and these reasons should inspire you to choosing gardening as your hobby too.

Gardening is Good for Health

0x600Gardening is a great exercise for both the body and the mind. Apart from the obvious weight loss benefits, studies have proved that gardening decreases the chances of depression, lowers blood pressure and decreases cholesterol levels in blood. Gardening is also helpful when it comes to stress. It is a hobby that you should concentrate when you’re seeking relaxation and it would surely deliver just that.

Gardening Makes you Patient

Gardening teaches patience. Plants take a relatively long time to grow. Watching your plants growing teaches patience. You have to come back every day to water your plants and measure how long they’ve grown. If you’re not patient at the beginning, you’ll have a hard time getting used to the slow pace at which plants grow. However, with time, you would realize that all the patience pays off when the plant would grow to its full height!

Gardening Keeps you Satisfied

Gardening offers self-satisfaction. There’s nothing like planting a seed and watching it grow into a full plant. Taking care of your plant everyday makes you proud when it finally becomes fully grown. Gardening is a true form of art. What’s really intriguing about it as a hobby is that the possibilities are truly endless. The more you hone your skills the more options you’ll have to play around with. Especially if you are into landscaping like I am.

Gardening Teaches about Responsibility

children-gardeningGardening is a hobby that anyone can do. It is the kind of hobby that gives you the chance to strengthen the bond between you and your children or loved ones. It is also an ideal way to teach the young ones about the true meaning of responsibility. Taking care of plants is a lot different from having a pet. While pets can sometimes fend for themselves, plants on the other hand are delicate creatures and are incapable of displaying any kind of movement. Pets sometimes display enough intelligence that matches that of humans. For instance, you can leave your cat at home and it’ll reach out for food you left her without your direct guidance but with plants it’s a different story. The children will actually have to feed plants with their own hands and will have to water them at the right time too.

For all these reasons and more, I started gardening as a hobby. It has brought a lot of difference in me and made me a better person for sure. If you will choose gardening as your hobby, you would start to feel the difference in yourself as well!