In this technology-driven and fast-paced society that we live in there is a growing tendency to look for ways to relax and unwind. Relaxing hobbies are gathering an unprecedented number of practitioners. There is no doubt that gardening is an excellent hobby if your aim is to relax and enjoy what you’re doing.


The reason behind this blog is the owner’s love for both gardening and blogging. The aim of the blog is to share the owner’s passion as well as valuable gardening tips and tricks with her readers that she has found useful while gardening.

Home gardening and decorative plants are becoming increasingly popular of late. Being a relaxing hobby is definitely a strong point for gardening but it is not the only one. With the rising use of genetically modified food and extensive experiments that several food growing companies are carrying on nowadays, having a hobby like gardening can be used to come up with alternatives to buying food. Given that you have enough time to practice the hobby on a regular basis and have enough knowledge to avoid rooky mistakes like overwatering your plants or trying to grow non-native species without proper equipment, you can actually grow healthy edible crops and not just decorative plants. You will find everything you need to grow edible crops at home right here!

The blog provides several tips and tricks on how to use plants for decorative purposes as well. Using plants for decorations is a steadily rising trend. Over the years we have seen plants and flowers being used in outdoor and indoor wedding decorations as well as homes. The fact that we’re living in a mainly industrial society, the need to have green leaves decorating our homes is growing stronger than before. Whether the reader is a living in an apartment with a patio or in a house with a back garden, the reader will always find this blog as resourceful repertoire of gardening guides.