Stuck Between a Push Mower vs Riding Mower? Let Us Help

The choice between buying a push mower vs a riding mower is not easy. Clearly there’s a cost difference, but what really dictates the decision is circumstances and the area which you wish to mow. You’ve probably searched the web for zero turn mower reviews and most likely short listed some great potentials. But before you go and drop some serious money on one of these bad boys, lets take some moments to review what’s on the market and what’s best for you.

Let’s start with the obvious, a push mower is a hell of a lot more work and time than a ride on mower. However, you will definitely save a dime or two on your back pocket in both cost of the mower itself as well as the petrol consumed for each session.

For a Push Mower

The type of mower you need really depends on what you are using it for. For example, if you have many obstacles in the garden which a ride on mower cannot pass through comfortably, then a push mower seems like the logical choice. Furthermore, if you have steep inclines in your yard, generally more than 10 degrees incline, then a push mower is the safer option for you.

For a Ride on Mower

Let’s look a the flip side, what about if you’re yard is really big, like so big that you need to describe the size in acres and not yards, then you will need something bigger for the job. The other issue with a larger yard is facing the prospect of more weed and longer grass. Therefore, a ride on mower is the more logical solution to your needs.

Cost Comparison

In terms of price, we have already established that the push mower will be the cheaper option than the ride on mower, however, cheap by how much is the next question. Well, a push mower can range anywhere from $100 up to $1000. The range consists of whether you want the mower to be self propelled or not and how good the engine and blades on the mower are. The ride on mowers can range from anywhere between $1000 to $20,000. Yes, that’s right, more than a car! The cost difference here comes down to how fast the mower goes and how much maintenance it will need throughout it’s lifetime.

We hope that we have helped you decide on which option too choose and please leave us a comment about which option you will end up going with, good luck and happy gardening.