Sleeping in the Garden, Really?

An interesting piece was recently published in The Guardian talking about camping out in the garden. Although we laughed at the idea, after reading the article, it really got us thinking about how to set up our own garden camp site, equipped with a perfect recliner et all.

Why in the Garden?

Well, it’s the perfect place for us “beginner” campers. Those of use who have not been camping and are a little worried of what’s involved. With a garden out the back, you can buy all the camping gear needed and have it all set up with the convenience and safety of your own comfortable place only a few yards away. If anything does happen to go wrong, it’s super easy to jump back home and grab what you need or just slip back into your own bed.

Involve the Kids

Camping is often difficult as a parent as taking young children on a rigorous camping expedition can be strenuous and stressful. Yet, setting up a campfire in your own backyard and teaching the kids how to safely maintain, control and extinguish a campfire can be a very important lesson.

Once the campfire is out, you can equip the family with torches to help them find the way around as well as have some fun and games telling night time stories.

Great Food

The best part about camping out in the garden is that you can bring the great food with you. Dishes like grilled nachos, grilled cheese toasties and everyone’s favorite campfire snack, marshmallows!

When the campfire is up and running, you can easily teach the kids how to place the food on a squire and then grill it over the open fire. Just be sure to supervise this very carefully and watch for any little hands getting too close to the flames.

Can’t wait to see you all out in the garden and please send us your photos of the garden camping experience.