Starting Your Own Vegetable Gardening in Your Backyard (Part 1)

Mega corporations control everything around us. As a consequence of the capitalist society we’re living in nowadays, there is a need to become self-sufficient. Food is essential for survival. There’s no better way to become self-sufficient than growing your own food.

Benefits of Vegetable Gardening

Having your own vegetable garden though has far more benefits than just guaranteeing you have enough food to provide for you and your family. Having your own vegetable garden can have uncountable benefits. Some of the benefits are:

It will increase your savings.

Instead of having a considerably large chunk cut out of your monthly salary at the beginning of each month to spend on vegetables you can grow your own and cut the expense to half if not less.

It will connect you to nature.

Gardening expands your experience beyond your personal aura to everything natural around you. The moment you lose yourself to gardening is the moment that you become alive. It is like growing extra sensors. It helps you in understanding nature.

It will teach you patience.

Slowly watching your vegetables growing day in and day out will teach you to slow down your thoughts and surge of emotions.

It will reward you.

There’s nothing like sowing a seed that you worked hard to plant and spent long time watching it grow. Eating a meal with a vegetable picked up from your vegetable garden is an addictive feeling of happiness that you won’t be able to forget.

Materials You Need to Start Gardening

landscaping-network_3282Before determining the materials you need to start gardening there few steps you should do. The steps are:

  • Study you garden’s exposure to sunlight.
  • Seek the help of the internet or a local gardening center to understand the soil
  • Determine whether you’re going to go with tilling or a garden box

Once you have done all these steps, you can then go ahead and buy the tools and materials. They include a composite for your soil, a garden fork, hand weeder, a hoe and a basket. With these materials, you can start gardening.