CBD Products for Your Garden Centre


Bills have been passed to give provisions to the use of marijuana in treating different illnesses in different states. As the demand for products extracted from marijuana increases, entrepreneurs see this instance as another business opportunity. Small shops and retail outlets were established to sell products like CBD oil, ointments, lip balms, food products with CBD and others.

If you’re interested in getting into this business, you must analyze if it is right for the CBD products to be in your garden center.

Plenty of local garden centers seem to be joining the bandwagon of selling CBD products. Plants and CBD might only be related in the sense that CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. Having CBD products would probably seem a little iffy at first, but these products are useful and popular that can be made meaningful and relevant to your target consumers.

Here are some tips in establishing CBD oil products at a garden center:

The Legal Concerns

Legal risk is always involved when your business is associated with CBD oil products. Even if your main shop is a garden center, this will not exempt your business from law enforcement. You must know the law that governs the use of CBD products in the state where you belong. You must also be careful in choosing your partner supplier. Various CBD oil products claim to be free of THC. We already know that THC gives the intoxication or the high effect to users and this substance is still restricted. You should test the products that you sell just o be sure you know what’s inside.

Product Testing

This one is still related to the legal concerns of selling CBD oil products. While some laws loosen up for cannabis, local law enforcers are strict in the new legislation and perceived loopholes. Last August, Ohio made an announcement on the creation of Major Marijuana Trafficking Grant Program. This program aims to allocated funds for local police departments to test CBD products and determine the exact THC contents. If you are planning to sell CBD products, scrutinize the law that covers the allowed THC content levels. It would be better if you can find a laboratory that can test the THC content of the CBD products that you are planning to resell. You can also request from your supplier/manufacturer to test it for you upfront. Local police officers are doing the testing too but it doesn’t sound good.

Staying Relevant

If you already have a legal CBD product supplier, look at the side in which these products will be associated with the preferences of plant lovers and green thumbs. Most probably, these products target customers who are into healthy living and wellness. You can market natural products infused with CBD like bath bombs for muscle cramps, lip balm for chapped lips, body scrub for dry skin with personal scents.


Choosing relevant products have the maximum potential to boost sales and attract target customers. Before going to the CBD industry, always a lot time to plan well.